Lincoln Vs Shrewsbury

Lincoln V Shrewsbury live stream: Checkatrade Trophy Finals Live Sky Sports Soccer.

On Sunday, Shirewsbury’s midfielder Abu Ogogo was excluded from the Checkatrade Trophy finals in Wembley and Lincoln.

The two players of the division, Lincoln City, face Shrewsbury, the top scorer of the league, in the final of the Premier League Champions League at Wembley Stadium (Sunday BST).

In the past four games, Lincoln, who defeated Chelsea under 21, played for the first time at the National Stadium in their 133-year history.

Shrewsbury hopes to end the three losses of three games in Wembley and beat Yeovil in the semi-finals.

Coventry was the first prize at Oxford University last year.

Lincoln’s tradition brings Cowley to Wembley

These devils certainly had no four players: defensive players James Williams and Scott Wharton and midfielders Tom Pater and Jordan Williams were all equal.

Shrewsbury will perform a post-fit test on winger Alex Rodman (defender) and defender Totonisila, who will wear a protective mask after his broken humerus.

They had absolutely no Abu Ogogo on the field, he was not present this season after he had his knee injured during the training. He was injured in a collision with midfielder Brian Morris, who replaced him.
EFL Cup final match facts

This is the very first appearance of Lincoln City in the EFL Trophy final and Shrewsbury only reached this stage and lost 2-1 to Rotherham United in the 1996 game.

This is the third meeting of the two teams in this game. Shrewsbury won the first two, won 1-0 in November 1991 and won the 2-1 in November 2002.
This is the first time the two games have played since the second game of the league in February 2011. Shrewsbury scored 10-1 points in each game in the last four games.

Danny Cowley’s team won 6 of the 7 EFL trophies (D1) this season, more than any other team in the 2017-18 season. One of their games was won in the semi-final against Chelsea U21’s and they will eventually be eliminated after a 4-2 penalty shoot-out.

Lincoln has scored 16 goals this season in seven games and nobody scored.
On the way to the final, Shrewsbury lost only five goals in their seven EFL Trophy rounds, while retaining three clean flyers, only Peterborough (four) retained more this season.

Although the Lincoln team won five games in the last eight games, their own scores are higher than themselves (L3). She lost 1-0 in the game against the Cambridge team, in August 2016. EFL trophy last season.


Ogogo suffered a knee injury during training and will probably miss the rest of the season. Alex Rodman (behind) and Toto Nsiala (fragmented bones) asked the sky betting league.

The owner of the Lincoln team, Danny Cowley, was not injured or suspended until the first match of the National Stadium. There are 28 places between Imps and their opponents.