Pelicans vs Trail Blazers

Pelicans vs Trail Blazers Live Stream:
The Portland Trail Blazers fought for a series of home advantages in the heaped playoffs, and then lost in one game.

Toronto predators know this problem very well, so they want to use previous changes to compete.

They tried their first 2-0 playoff series in a game against Washington on Tuesday night, and the Trail Blazers tried to fight the New Orleans troops.

Portland, Oregon – New Orleans Pelicans beat Portland in the first game on Saturday night (April 14) in the first round of the playoff series, indicating their success in the playoffs I’m very upset.

It’s time to look back.

The jubilee team won 97-95 victory at the Fashion Center in its quarterfinal series with a score of 1: 0. This proves that for the inexperienced playoff team the national stage is not Too big.

Pelicans vs Trail Blazers Live Stream

“We want to enter and greed,” said Anthony Davis. “We know that they will shoot and try to win the game at home, but we want to be greedy, so we concentrate and we are locked up.”

New Orleans is determined to prove that even if there is no wounded Demarcus Cousin, they can also be killed in the Western Union with other elite teams. However, the game is not enough to eliminate skepticism around the team that still needs proof.

Even after unraveling an unlikely victory, they still need to worry, because they are ready for the Portland team. This team will have to win New Orleans before the third game on Thursday. victory.

At the last moment, Pels narrowed the 19-point whistle to one point. Trail Blazers guards Damian Lillard and K. Ya. McCollum are some of the most dynamic players in the league in the league, and only 13 of their 41 shots attempt.

No 3 Trail Blazers is currently the team with the most loss, losing to 97-95 on Saturday. Anthony Davis dominates, and Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are slow to start. Wolves received several major defenders in a short period of time from Jrue Holiday. After recovery from a 19-point reversal, it continues to be supported.

“I think it caused some pressure,” Lillard said. “You know, you scored at home. The first two games were on the court. You lost the first game. Now they said in the locker room that we have one, and why we did not get another. Our task is to protect. ” At home.

“We must delay, return more clearly and take care of the floor in our home.”

Toronto lost home to the sixth consecutive home court advantage in the first home game, which is part of the opening series of just 10 losing games, before losing the 114-106 victory over the Washington team on Saturday. Finally, predators can enjoy the start of the playoffs.

“For me, this year, finally, was a year. I can be very happy to see other games, not “Damn, I lost the game 1,” Kayter Lowry said

Some knowledge about the game on Tuesday:Miracle in the thriller

Toronto leads with a score of 1: 0. The second game, 7 pm, NBA TV.

Need to know: Toronto is the only other 1-0 series to win the main character in the 2001 Eastern Conference semi-final against the Philadelphia semi-finals, the game won the second game, after all, won in seven games series.

Keep your eyes: a three-point line. Raptors created a 16-point privilege entry in the starting game, 24 points better than in Washington.

Renewal of the injury: The Raptors kept Fred Van Vleet (right shoulder), performing most of the training on Monday after the absence of the first game, but still did it every day. Laurie fought hail, but he joked that he was “rocking” during the hail on Sunday.

The pressure is rising: the bench in Washington. Reserve power of the Wizards can not win the battle for effective second team Toronto, but in addition to 14 points in the first game Mikeskott they still need to create more.


Boston leads with a score of 1: 0. The second game, 8 points, TNT.

What you need to know is that Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 20 points or more after playing 8 consecutive victories against the Celtics, and then scored 35 points, scoring more than 35 points.

Keep your eyes: Boston’s balance. Celtic McHale, Robert Parish, Reggie scored four 20-point scorers with Celtic in the playoffs for the first time, including Al Horford (24 points) and Trezzi. Earl (23), Marcus Morris (21) and Jayren Brown (20 years old) Lewis and Brian Shaw did this in 1991. With 19 points in Jason Tatum, Bucks allowed too many players to warm up in the first game.

Update injury: Celtic coach Brad Stevens said that Marcus Smart is trying as much as possible to control the lower body and air conditioning, but the coaches told him that on April 27 the earliest guard can Start basketball activity.

Stevens said: “We are still far from this game, there are many games.”

NEED TO KNOW: Anthony Davis had 35 points in the opener and has scored 25 or more in his first five postseason games. He can tie LeBron James for the second-longest streak to begin a career, behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 14 straight, according to Elias.

KEEP AN EYE ON: Rajon Rondo. A 17-assist, eight-rebound opener was another reminder of how much the Pelicans’ point guard can elevate his game in the postseason.

INJURY UPDATE: Portland’s Maurice Harkless is nearing a return from late-season left knee surgery, but may not be available until later in the series.

PRESSURE IS ON: The Blazers’ backcourt. Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum combined to shoot just 13 for 41, and their three combined points on 1-for-15 shooting in the first half doomed Portland to a big hole from which it could not recover.

AP Sports Writer Kyle Hightower in Boston and freelance writer Ian Harrison in Toronto contributed to this report.

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